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  • 23 April 2014: New York to Install Battery Storage for Subway and Bus System Operator
    American Vanadium Corp., owner of the only known U.S. deposit of the metal, agreed to install an energy storage system designed to reduce power costs for the agency that operates New York’s subways and buses.> <>
  • 23 April 2014: China Wind Turbine Makers Face Consolidation as Glut Lingers
    Consolidation may cut the number of wind turbine makers in China, the world’s largest wind market, by two thirds in the next five years as oversupply pressures grow, according to an industry association.> <>
  • 23 April 2014: The Solar Battlefield: How the US DOD Will Bring Solar Technology Mainstream
    When it comes to driving the development of renewable energy technology, no greater facilitating force exists than the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). Acting on a mandate to achieve 25 percent reliability on renewable energy by the year 2025, the DOD has been busy in its aggressive pursuit of that goal — proving that more often than not, great things can result from unlikely alliances.> <>
  • 23 April 2014: For the Greater Green: Algae-Based Advanced Biofuels Bring a Clean, Affordable Solution
    As the implications of the global energy crisis continue to intensify, cost-effective and truly sustainable solutions are crucial. The energy industry experienced a giant leap with the production of first-generation biofuels, but rising costs and questionable energy yields have led to an innovative second wave of advanced biofuels that require less land and offer greater outputs at cost-competitive prices.> <>
  • 22 April 2014: Global Geothermal Market Saw Huge 2013 Growth, Says GEA
    The global geothermal industry had a boom year in 2013, bringing the most capacity online since 1997. The market saw 530 megawatts (MW) commissioned, which brought total global capacity to just over 12,000 MW, holding a steady 4 to 5 percent growth rate, according to the Geothermal Energy Association’s (GEA) 2014 Annual U.S. & Global Geothermal Power Production Report. These projects are located in the U.S., Philippines, Mexico, New Zealand, Germany Kenya, Australia and Turkey.> <>
  • 22 April 2014: Google Signs Up to Buy 407 Megawatts of Buffett’s Wind Power
    Google Inc. agreed to buy 407 megawatts of wind power from Warren Buffett’s MidAmerican Energy Holdings Co., the technology company’s largest deal to date for renewable energy.> <>
  • 22 April 2014: The Climate Group, SEIA Launch Plan to Help Reduce Pollution
    In 1970, the first Earth Day was held to demonstrate broad global support for environmental protection.  At the time, the world’s population stood at 3.63 billion. Today, that number has more than doubled.  Well, guess what? Greenhouse gas emissions have doubled since then, too. Simply put, the world is in real danger, locked in on a collision cour> <>
  • 22 April 2014: Ethanol from Energy Beets: A Viable Option?
    Corn remains the undisputed ethanol king. But a growing number of U.S. sugar beet farmers, in part, exasperated by the heavily-regulated sugar industry, are now hoping to give corn a run for its bioenergy money.> <>
  • 22 April 2014: The Opportunity to Overturn Three Costly Values in Our Energy System
    Earlier this year I worked as an election judge for the city of Minneapolis.  It was the city’s second experience with ranked choice voting, a system where instead of voting for a single candidate, you get to pick your top three choices.  If your first choice candidate is mathematically eliminated from winning, your vote is reallocated to your seco> <>
  • 22 April 2014: German Utilities Fight Renewable Energy Shift
    Germany’s biggest utilities face dwindling market shares as the shift torenewable energy spurs regional power generation and storage technology, a senior member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party said.> <>