rebates & credits

Federal Credits

Federal 30% Income Tax Credit
For systems on commercial buildings: Form 3468 and Form 3468 Instructions
For systems on residential buildings: Form 5695 and Instructions

Accelerated Corporate Depreciation

State Credits


Idaho State Tax Deduction

Idaho State Low Interest Loan Program

Maryland / D.C.

D.C. SRECs Explained

D.C. Guide To Solar Thermal Alternatives

D.C. Sustainable Energy Utility

Maryland Residential Clean Energy Grant Program


Virginia State Rebate Program
Currently this program has been filled.

Other Credits

Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)
Solar Renewable Energy Credits are yet another incentive that makes solar affordable. An SREC represents the renewable energy aspect of your solar power system. So in addition to creating clean energy, your system also produces SRECs. Altenergy Inc. will work with you to get the most value for your SRECs.