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Allendale tech company now running on solar power

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Allendale tech company now running on solar power

Allendale, MI – August 9, 2021– BizStream, a tech company located just outside Grand Rapids, Mich., recently added solar panels to its commercial rooftop. The web-based solutions company selected Altenergy Solar, a national solar contractor with an office in Comstock Park, Mich., to custom design and install the solar array. Altenergy installed 224 solar modules to BizStream’s rooftop over a two-month period. The 86.275kW system is expected to offset 95% of traditional electrical usage and produce 88,977kW annually.

BizStream’s Founder and Developer, Mark Schmidt, connected with Altenergy while researching local solar contractors for his personal residence. After Altenergy successfully installed a 9.3kW system on Mr. Schmidt’s home, he recommended that BizStream invest in solar to reduce fossil fuel consumption and lower utility bills.  

“Altenergy was a fantastic partner in the process of making the switch to solar. They worked closely with us to take advantage of various tax incentives and grants, provided an easy-to-understand game plan and gave us detailed monthly predictions on the amount of energy that we could harness with our particular setup,” said Michelle Lentz, Marketing Lead at BizStream.

“Environmental impact was one of the most significant factors in our decision to switch to solar energy. We love that solar energy directly reduces the amount of stress we put on our planet. We want to lead by example within our industry and inspire others to reduce their carbon footprint,” added Lentz.

Chad Becker, Branch Manager in Grand Rapids, oversaw the project from conception to completion, ensuring that BizStream was satisfied with their switch to solar. “It was a pleasure completing the residential install for Mr. Schmidt and helping him take this big step towards clean energy for his business. We are thrilled to see so many commercial businesses in the Grand Rapids area making this investment that we know will reap benefits for years to come,” said Becker.

By transitioning to renewable energy, BizStream is setting a precedent for environmental stewardship in the Grand Rapids community. The software company is following a national trend towards clean energy; leading to reduced operating costs and redirecting funds towards employee benefits and community engagement.

About Altenergy Solar: Altenergy is a national solar contractor, designing and installing high-quality solar energy systems for commercial and residential customers across Michigan, Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., Idaho. With a local office in Comstock Park, Mich., Altenergy has over 16 years of experience, 1,700 completed solar projects and 21MW of PV capacity.

About BizStream: BizStream designs, supports and connects digital marketing solutions specializing in the Microsofty stack of technologies. The company also has a number of Software as a Service (Saas) products. BizStream is located just outside Grand Rapids, MI, USA.

Allendale tech company now running on solar power