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Beaver Creek Beef & Poultry Farm

Beaver Creek Beef & Poultry Farm is a fourth generation small family farm operation producing broiler
chickens and beef cattle. They have 25 cow/calf pairs and grow approximately 250,000 broilers per year
and farm crops that include horse quality orchard grass hay.
The owner Michael Newman, decided to invest in solar because “going green is not only an investment
in our future but our children’s future as well. We decided now was the time to take that step” says
Newman. Benefits solar energy brings to the farm, Newman goes on to say, “it affords us the
opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint. The cash flow savings from not having a monthly electric bill
is icing on the cake.”
“Everyone that we have dealt with has been more than willing to bend over backwards for us. From Joes
Sedonis to Joe Moore to the install guys (crew leader, Taylor and his right‐hand man, Omar), our
requests have been met with nothing but willingness to do what we’ve asked them to do. We are so
appreciative of Ryann Coles and all the support that she gave us through the grant process. We would
never have been able to navigate all the paperwork on our own. Our experience was nothing short of
great!” Michael Newman

Beaver Creek Beef & Poultry Farm