Charlottesville Day School Goes Solar With Altenergy and Tiger Fuel Co.

Charlottesville Day School Goes Solar With Altenergy and Tiger Fuel Co.

A Central Virginia petroleum energy distributor helps fuel Altenergy Inc. solar project at Charlottesville Day School.

Wednesday, July 3rd 2019, 5:39 PM EDT
Reported by Lottye Lockhart


Edited by Hailey Wilt



CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The Charlottesville Day School now has solar panels on the roof, thanks to Tiger Fuel. The school initially approached Altenergy Incorporated, who install solar panels, about prices and references.


Then, one reference, Tiger Fuel, offered up a grant to cover the cost of the project that will now help the school and students.


“They’ve reduced their bills, they’ve cut their carbon footprint, and also, this provides a real learning lesson from the children. They’re gonna be starting programs based around the solar,” said Christopher Poggi, branch manager of Altenergy Inc. in Charlottesville.


Poggi estimates the school is now offsetting 40% of its power consumption thanks to the panels. One teacher plans to use data collected from the solar panels to analyze with her class.




Tiger Fuel and Altenergy Incorporated Press Release: 


CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – Charlottesville Day School recently had solar installed on one of its building, believing that the educational value and sound financial return would be a good investment for the school. “Charlottesville Day School Board of Trustees had been interested in adding an alternative energy component to their operations for several years,” says David Bruns, Executive Director. Charlottesville Day School decided to reach out to Altenergy Inc for a solar installation due to their reputation and straightforward proposal process. “For the Charlottesville Day School, the educational and environmental benefits are actually more important than the reduction of operating expense – although that’s obviously a positive, too.” The design-build solar project began once students entered
their summer break and was completed efficiently.


A grant was provided by Tiger Fuel Company of Charlottesville, who’s president has a special connection to the school. “When Dave called me asking about my experience with Altenergy on our stores, I was really happy to give an enthusiastic endorsement of the whole Altenergy team and our experience with solar energy in general” says Gordon Sutton, President of Tiger Fuel. “I am very familiar with Charlottesville Day School because both my children and my nieces go to CDS. I was really happy that we were able to help CDS with the financing of this project, because Stacey and Dave are such great folks
and we love everything about the organization. We really felt like this project was a win, win, win for all
the partners involved and the environment.”


The 23.36kW roof mounted solar electric PV system is estimated to produce over 29,000kW annually, and provides educational opportunities, ongoing real-time operating data and energy savings for the students and faculty. “I’m excited about the possibility of being able to look at data and try to do some data analysis with the kids” says Melissa Lockwood, a middle school science teacher for Charlottesville Day School. “Having real-life data and using that would be great instead of just numbers I would find online or in a textbook.”


“[Working with Altenergy] has been very good and is ongoing” says Bruns. “We appreciate their attentiveness to our school culture and operating schedule.”


To see the system and hear from David Bruns and Melissa Lockwood, follow this video link:

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