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Solar Power for Louisa County Resource Center

Solar Power for Louisa County Resource Center

On September 30th, 2020, Altenergy powered up a 44.85kW solar energy system for Louisa County Resource Council. LCRC is a 501 (c) 3 organization that works as the primary source for free, supplemental groceries for about 3,500 residents in Louisa County, Virginia. The organization handles approximately 23 tons of food each week or 2.5 million pounds of food annually. All of which needs to be kept in a climate-controlled environment.

J.D. Edwards, Board Member realized that as LCRCs need expands, so does their energy demands. “Our board of directors agreed unanimously that a move toward clean energy, that also reduces utility costs, is a major component of this organization’s long-term sustainability. Reduced utility bills translate to more food and services for disadvantaged residents of the 525-square-mile community” says Edwards.

The 44.85kW solar array consists of 138 solar modules and will produce 54,700kWh annually. The system is set to offset sixty-two percent of LCRCs electrical demand. The offset to their utility bills, allows them to invest that savings back into their operations, expanding a variety of programs for hunger relief and health, provided to impoverished families, seniors, veterans, the disabled, and children as needs rise.

Chris Poggi, Branch Manager of Altenergy says, " I live in Louisa County and to be part of such an important milestone for the Resource Center felt amazing! Everyone at LCRC was such a pleasure to work with and the work and dedication of their staff is truly remarkable. I look forward to continuing the great relationships that were cultivated throughout the process."

“We appreciated the staff’s thoroughness in providing information we needed for the board's decision-making, their patience as we waited to get funding, and their great efficiency and timeliness in getting the system installed and up and running”. J.D. Edwards.

About Louisa County Resource Center:

Louisa County Resource Council (LCRC) is the primary source of free supplemental groceries for about 3,500 residents of our community who rely on our organization for enough to feed themselves and their families in order to avoid hunger or malnutrition that results from not eating enough healthy food. We handle approximately 23 tons of food each week -- more than 2.5 million pounds of food during a 12-month period that must be refrigerated, frozen, or kept in climate controlled areas to meet strict standards from the Department of Health.