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WKTV In Wyoming, Michigan Flips The Switch On Solar Energy

WKTV made the decision to invest in renewable energy and Altenergy flipped the switch on the 100kW solar energy system for WKTV in Wyoming, MI in September 2020.

WKTV, is a community media center now in its 46th year of operation and is one of the oldest and largest community media centers in the United States.

Executive Director, Tom Norton of WKTV said “we invested in solar with the goal to greatly reduce our energy costs”. Since the system has been up and running for well over a month now, “it seems that the energy savings are dramatic” Norton adds.

With 252 solar modules, this 100kW solar energy system is set to offset ninety-five percent of WKTV’s energy needs and produce 109,000 kWh of clean, green, renewable energy annually.

Chad Becker, branch manager of Altenergy considered the project a success, stating “the project was a beautiful project to work on in August, things went really smoothly. We managed to make Mr. Norton happy by updating our design, to save the visual aesthetics of the facade facing the road”. There were some delays in procuring inventory. However, even with those delays, WKTV’s system was turned on pretty much exactly two months after we started building as promised” adding Becker.

Norton stated, he had a particularly good experience.  “Chad Becker is highly professional and a conscientious contractor, always available, always answering questions and providing solid advice”.  Altenergy’s team enjoyed working with Mr. Norton on this project and bringing WKTV even closer to their sustainability goals.

About WKTV:

On November 11, 1974 WKTV in Wyoming, Michigan was incorporated and in 2020 celebrates 46 years of operation. WKTV is one of the very first community TV stations in the State of Michigan and one of the oldest, most continuously operated Community Television stations in the United States. The "W" and "K" stand for Wyoming-Kentwood Television. Originally, WKTV was known simply as Wyoming Community Television. In 1995, the City of Kentwood recognized the decades of service WKTV had provided to area residents and entered into a franchise agreement with the local cable operator to join their neighbor city of Wyoming, thus creating WKTV, which now proudly serves both communities.

In 2002, near the border of Wyoming and Kentwood, WKTV built a new community television and media production facility. WKTV's 10,000 s.f. facility features two studios, multiple edit bays, public spaces, classrooms for media instruction and a 35' television production truck, one of the largest in Michigan. In 2012 WKTV launched a community news service, the WKTV Journal which publishes daily. In 2013 WKTV launched a motion picture production division which allows filmmakers and documentary producers to create media in those mediums. In 2017 WKTV launched "Voices" a community oral history project where community members tell their respective life stories. WKTV enjoys an active volunteer base of more than 400 people and in 2019, community volunteers provided nearly 10,000 hours of volunteer time to WKTV.

WKTV In Wyoming, Michigan Flips The Switch On Solar Energy