Residential Solar Power - How it works

Converting to solar is easy when you have the right team of professionals to guide you.



Once you have contacted us about your interest in going solar, we will perform some basic research about your home and location. We will use satellite data to determine the amount and direction of sun exposure your home receives at various times of the year, and an approximation of your roof area. We’ll also ask you to provide us with your power bill. This data will help us determine the optimum location for your solar panels with consideration of efficiency and aesthetics.

Next, we will arrange a convenient time to meet you at your home and perform a free site assessment. We will confirm the size and orientation of your roof, locate your electric meter, and identify trees and other obstructions that will affect the efficiency of the proposed system.


After we’ve designed a system for your home and energy needs, we'll prepare a detailed proposal that will include:

  • Description of the components in the system
  • Installed cost including tax rebates and savings
  • An explanation of how the system works
  • Warranties and equipment life
  • A visualization of the solar panels on your roof
  • A detailed description of the scope of work and timetable for the project
  • Expected annual energy production and costs savings
  • Projected return on your investment
  • Technical literature about the equipment


Once we’ve agreed to the terms and signed the contract, Altenergy will obtain all the necessary permits, schedule inspections and produce all the necessary paperwork for net metering approval with your power company.
We will also help you acquire tax credits, incentives, renewable energy credits and low-interest loans that will lower your initial investment.


Our technicians will mount and secure the rooftop equipment, seal all roof penetrations, install the inverter and connect the entire system to your meter and electrical system. We comply with the National Electric Code and all building codes from federal, state and local governments. This can be done in three to six days in most cases. If you have decided to use internet monitoring (a good idea!), we will perform weekly system checks and let you know if there are any problems.


Once the system comes online, you’ll immediately notice— not much. All your appliances will operate the same, the lights will be just as bright, the water just as hot. But when you get your next electric bill— that’s when you’ll see a big difference. And best of all, your system will pay for itself in as little as one-third of its service life, leaving you to enjoy many years of free power from the sun. That’s a bright future, indeed.


Now that you’re the greenest person in the neighborhood, please tell your friends and neighbors about us, and help keep the solar revolution going!