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Staengl Residence

Staengl Residence

President of Staengl Engineering, Galen Staengl, recently had a solar photovoltaic system installed on the roof of his house in Afton, Virginia.

Altenergy's Charlottesville Branch completed the installation of a 7.82 kW solar photovoltaic system, including 23 Axitec 340W PV panels and an IronRidge Racking system.

Altenergy and Mr. Staengl have previously worked together on commercial projects projects, and so he became interested in installing PV solar on his own home. His new system allows him to offset 50% of his electrical usage by producing 8.616 kWh of power annually. Additionally, 14,136 pounds of carbon dioxide are offset each year as a result of using this form of clean, sustainable energy.

Mr. Staengl had this to say after completion, “Altenergy provided excellent expertise and customer service. They know what they are doing. Our install went very well, and we are happy to be generating clean, solar electricity."

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